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Pyramania (1984)
Sinclair ZX Spectrum

Game Spotlight

ABC Monday Night Football (1993)
Data East
"Pick Play, Push Button, Pass, Pick Play, Push Button, Pass..... o.o" Well, I definitely wouldn't consider it a ''John Madden'' Quality game.. Though it does have a little tasteful style within it.. Read on and find out! Gameplay: 6 Beginners to this sports genre would get a real rise out of this easy gameplay. It's fairly simple and easy to learn and follow along, Though the Hardcore gamer would think this game is particularly boring... I give Gameplay a 6/10 or a ''Significantly Fair'' rating. Controls: 9 The control system is fairly easy. Basically, you only have to use one ...    
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Historic Game Chart

PCG Top 50, September 1984
Pos Game Title Publisher Spc Vic C64 Bbc
1Sabre WulfUltimatel
2Lords of MidnightBeyondl
3Tornado Low LevelVortexl
4Beach HeadUS Gold l
5ValhallaLegend l
6MugsyMelbourne Housel
7HulkAdventure Int'll ll
9Arabian NightsInterceptor Micros l
10Jack & the BeanstalkThorl
11Fighter PilotDigital Integrationl
12EncounterNovagenl l
13Codename MATMicromegal
14TrashmanNew Generationl
15Night GunnerDigital Integrationl
16Match PointPsionl
17Flight Path 737Anirog ll
18Atic AtacUltimatel
19Football ManagerAddictivel
20BlaggerAlligata ll
21War of the WorldsCRLl
22CavelonOceanl l
23Jet Set WillySoftware Projectsl
24Stop the ExpressPsionl
25Manic MinerSoftware Projectsl l
26Ant AttackQuicksilval
27Beaky & the Egg SnatchersFantasyl
28Ad AstraGargoylel
29LocoAlligata l
30World CupArticl
31Frak!Aardvark l
32FortressAmcom l
33International SoccerCommodore l
34Chequered FlagPsionl
36Kosmic KangaMicromanial
37HunchbackOceanl l
38Son of BlaggerAlligata l
39AviatorAcornsoft l
40Space PilotAnirog l
41Moon AlertOceanl
42Blue ThunderWilcoxl
43Aztec ChallengeUS Gold l
44The QuillGilsoftl
46Savage PondStarcade l
47Solo FlightUS Gold l
48TitanicR & R Softwarel
49Blade AlleyPSSl
50Where's My BonesInterceptor Micros l


Panic! Dizzy Oliver Twins new title smashes Kickstarter goal

Panic! Dizzy - A 'new' old game by The Oliver Twins smashes Kickstarter goal!

After raising an incredible £20,780 thanks to backers, the latest Kickstarter for Panic! Dizzy; A 'new' old NES game by The Oliver Twins that has been lost and found in The Oliver Twins attic, is now a massive success.15 March 2019

New Bruce Lee title for C64

Return of Fury is a continuation of the original game Bruce Lee, developed by DataSoft Inc, in 1984.

It features all of the classic gameplay, but now in a brand new world. The improvements were made by Vidar Bang, Rune Spaans, Anders Rodahl, Kåre Johansen, Roy Widding, Andrew Fisher, Vinny Mainolfi, Chris Stanley, Tom Roger Skauen and Paul Hughes.

More details can be seen on the Megastyle website. 08 March 2019

New FPGA-based C64 Video Enhancement

A new FPGA-based modification board for the Commodore 64 computer is being developed to produce YPbPr video output.

The C64 is the most iconic device of the 8-bit computer era and there is a huge library of software and hardware modifications available. Nevertheless the video output quality is inherently poor by modern standards, even with the use of the s-video option. This is specially true with LCD flat screens that amplify the visual artifacts even more.

This clever piece of kit developed by user C0pperdragon bypasses the chrominance/luminance signal generation of the VIC-II and computes a YPbPr signal directly from the digital information available inside the computer. As it turns out, it is enough to passively listen to just about 22 pins of the VIC-II to figure out what video signal it actually intends to generate. Using the information from these pins and some logic implemented in an FPGA, a pixel-perfect replication of the video image can be generated.

For more details, head over to C0pperdragon's GitHub page.15 March 2019

Amiga classic Stunt Car Racer ported to the BBC Master

Originally written by Geoff Crammond, also known for Formula One Grand Prix, this iconic title was a huge hit on the Commodore Amiga and Atari ST back in 1989.

Now The Bitshifters Collective and Kieran Connell have managed to port the game to the Acorn BBC Master!

This feat required a lot of effort to get the graphics running so super-smooth, but it really plays well! The BBC Master is a 2Mhz 6502 with 128Kb RAM, so it is really amazing to get this running on a stock 8-bit system.

Head over to the Bitshifters Collective GitHub page for more info. It's also listed on pouet.net.07 March 2019

Knight Lore Ported to the Plus/4

The Ultimate Play the Game classic, Knight Lore, has been ported to the Commodore Plus/4. The game is producted by Rod & Emu Productions, developed by Emu (code), and includes music by Saul Cross graphics by Almighty God.

The title also includes a number of built-in cheats to make it a little easier, supported both PAL and NTSC machines, as well as SID card or original TED for audio.

Click here for the Plus/4 Web page.07 March 2019

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