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BMX (19xx)
Commodore 64

Game Spotlight

Fire 'n Ice (1993)
Fire 'N Ice is a game that was released by Tecmo for the Nintendo Entertainment System. This addictive puzzle game centers around your character, Dana, extinguishing fires using blocks of ice to clear stages of increasing difficulty and complexity. The game is a prequel to Solomon's Key. In it, you try to extinguish fires by creating blocks of ice and having these collide with a flame. It is played from a sidescrolling 2D-perspective, like a platformer. Dana can push the blocks of ice if they are not connected to an edge, and can also climb on top of them. Dana can only create a block ...    
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Historic Game Chart

PCG Soft Hits, January 1984
Pos Game Title Publisher Spc Vic C64 Bbc Drg Orc
2Miner 2049erBig Five
3FroggerSierra Online
5Zork IIInfocom
6Zork IIIInfocom
7Temple of ApshaiEpyx
8Zork IInfocom
11Snooper Troops #1Spinnaker
13Apple PanicBroderbund
14Snooper Troops #2Spinnaker
15Castle WolfensteinMuse
16Miner 2049erMicro Lab
17Ulysses & the Golden FleeceSierra Online
19Dig DugAtari
21Flight SimulatorSubLogic
22B-1 Nuclear BomberAvalon Hill
23Flight SimulatorMicrosoft
25Shamus: Case IISynapse
26Jump ManEpyx
27Sargon IIHayden
28Donkey KongAtari
29Fort ApocalypseSynapse
30PreppieAdventure Int'l
31Sea DragonAdventure Int'l
35CrossfireSierra Online
39Pharaoh's CurseSynapse
40Spy's DemisePenguin
42Knight of DiamondsSir-Tech
43Final OrbitSirius
44VCAvalon Hill
45Way OutSirius
46Wizard of WorRoklan
47Mask of the SunUltrasoft
49Canyon ClimberDatasoft
50Ali Baba & the Forty ThievesQuality


TOKI - Radastan ‏teases ZX Spectrum version of an Arcade classic

Toki was and still is an awesome arcade shooter platformer that was released way back in 1989 by a designer by the name of Akira Sakuma for many different systems such as the NES, Sega Mega Drive, Atari Lynx, ST, Amiga and Commodore 64. In it you played as an enhanced ape, transformed from a Human that could shoot energy balls from his mouth defeating strange creatures and finally defeat an evil wizard. If you remember this truly great game, you'll be pleased to know Radastan has teased a ZX Spectrum version that may be coming via the ZX Dev MIA & Remakes compo at some point this year.

Although a HD remake of the game is due to be released for the Nintendo Switch and an Amstrad CPC remake is in the works by a completely different team. Radastan has said these screenshots are a test with an optimised tileset and you wont see any more tests at the moment. If for after the summer the tilesets and sprites for the first level are completed, satisfactory evidence will be shown for the ZXDEV.

So watch this space :)27 July 2018

Tribute to Portal in development for the Commodore 64!

A new game based on one of the most innovative and influential videos games of the last decade looks set to make it’s way to the Commodore 64, following Jamie Fuller’s announcement that he is working on developing a tribute to Valve Software’s Portal.

Originally released in 2007 for Windows PC, Mac OS and major consoles, players assumed the role of Chell, a human lab rat forced to undergo a series of physical and mental experiments deep within the bowels of an Aperture Science research facility. Equipped with a hand-held portal device, the player had to overcome a series of increasingly dastardly puzzles by creating worm-holes at strategic locations, using the resultant warps to bypass various obstacles and traps, all the while being taunted by the psychotic artificial intelligence known as GLaDOS.25 July 2018

The Mojon Twins reveal Cheril the Writer, a new homebrew NES title!

The Mojon Twins have unveiled the first screenshots for Cheril the Writer, a new game in development for the NES console!

In the early days of computer and video games, it was not uncommon for software development houses to produce a number of titles around a specific character or mascot – I’m looking at you, Horrace – and the Mojon Twins appear to be continuing that time-honoured tradition with Cheril.

Not much is known about the game at this point, but it appears to be a platform game starring the studios occasional mascot.

Taking a closer look at the UI bar at the top of the screen, we can see that there are icons that could represent an inventory, so it would suggest that there will be items to collect. Similarly, the appearance of a small skull icon and counter could represent the number of bad guys killed, so we’re guessing that killing monsters is another of the game’s potential features.

We’ve been impressed with the quality of the team’s previous titles – some of which are available in our homebrew database – and we look forward to seeing Cheril the Writer in action.

Those of you interested in the game should keep an eye on the Mojon Twins official website, as well as following them on Twitter for the latest updates regarding the release.24 July 2018

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