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Kasumi Ninja (1994)      

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Hand Made Software
J8901 Controller

Atari Jaguar

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The Atari Times (Jaguar review)   27th Mar 2012 04:04
Mix it up with this exclusive Jaguar title
By Barry L. Laws Jr.

August 24, 2001

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(38 scores.)

Kasumi Island has been taken over by someone named Gyaku, and the only way you can remove Gyaku from power is by beating him in his true form, a devil. You must compete against several other characters including Angus, a Scotsman who shoots fireballs from under his kilt [does he light his farts or something?], Alaric the King Of The Goths, Thundra, an Amazon warrior, Pakawa, a Native American [gotta be politically correct], Danja, an urban gang leader, Chagi, a Chinese kickboxer, and Habaki and Senzo, the ninja twins.

Kasumi Ninja's graphics are the best part about this game. The backgrounds are photo-realistic (check out the background during the fight with Devil Gyaku...that background looks just 2 sweeeeeet) , and the digitized characters look nice with some decent animation, however sometimes the animation can get choppy. Also in the Gorefest setting, blood sprays constantly and stays on the ground during the fight. The "fatality" moves are okay, but not as good as Mortal Kombat "fatalities."

Decent in-game music, and decent sound FX, however the announcer sounds stupid, like some Charlie Chan impersonator. An announcer with a deeper, more menacing voice should've been used instead of the wimpy voice that was included.

Awful. Controls are very sluggish and at times unresponsive. The worst part about the game. It also ruins the game to a degree.

This game features a "parental lockout" feature which allows parents to censor either 1 or 2 gore settings (the Gorefest setting [which is the highest gore setting] and possibly the next setting which is called Disturbing... death moves are found only in the Gorefest setting). This is done by inputting a six-digit password, and once set, the gore settings can only be unlocked by entering in that number (this is done via the Jaguar numerical keypad). And the only way to see the best ending is to play in Ninja God mode [the hardest setting], and don't finish off Gyaku, then you'll be transported to the Demon World [aka Hell] where you will face Demon Gyaku. You may have to do a death move on Demon Gyaku as well to get the best ending.

Although the graphics and sound in this game are quite good, the sluggish controls hurt this one a lot (see my "ruins this game to a degree" comment above in my review on control), and it does hurt.

Graphics 90%
Sound/Music 60%
Gameplay N/A%
Control 20%
Overall 50%

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