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Bomb Jack (1987)            

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Elite Systems Ltd
Paradox, Elite, Chris Harvey, Rory Green
Mark Cooksey
1-2 (alternating)

3.5" Floppy disk
Ported from original arcade version by Tehkan (1984)
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Amstrad CPC
Atari ST
Commodore 64
Sinclair ZX Spectrum
Commodore Amiga

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Amiga Computing (Nov 1988)   3rd Dec 2011 05:40
C OIN-OP conversions are still being churned out and here's another. Bomb jack is looking a little long in the tooth now, having been around for the 8 bit machines for some time, and its age clearly shows. This conversion, while competent and fun to play, does nothing to make use of the Amiga's potential, yet costs a whole lot more than those for far less powerful machines.
The game consists of six differently backdropped screens whose prime constituents are platforms, bombs and aliens. The bright-red, fused bombs are liberally strewn and must be defused before progress can be made to the next screen. Bomb Jack, the hero of the game, is a diminutive caped crusader, not a little unlike the Mighty Mouse of cartoon fame. His task is to fly around and make contact with each bomb, thereby defusing it. The platforms are there both to help and hinder him in his duties. The aliens flit around trying to make contact with Bomb Jack – one touch and he loses one of his three lives. Each of the six backdrops, which are quite attractive even if they do serve little purpose other than ornamentation, represents a country. For instance, there's the pyramids and Sphinx in one, the Acropolis in another and what I take to be a French chateau in yet another. Once you've completed the six screens, they recycle with a new platform layout.

Bomb Jack tends to float rather than fly – when he's on solid ground, the fire button launches him upwards. He continues to float skywards until he runs out of steam (or bumps his head on a platform) and he descends slowly earthwards. While he is floating he can be guided to the left and right. When Bomb Jack touches an Alien, he does nothing more exciting than spin a couple of times to show that he has lost a life. Animation of the aliens is similarly basic. These beings, some of which look more like unbaked gingerbread men than creatures from outer space, move gently about the screen trying to hamper Bomb Jack's mission. After the loss of a life, Bomb Jack is replaced on the starting position of that screen but, thankfully, any bombs already defused do not reappear. Other objects pop up from time to time and must be touched for bonus points, and extra lives.

The game can be played by one or two players with one or two joysticks. There is also an option to turn off the music. I suggest you use it.
On the plus side, Bomb Jack is simple to play, slightly addictive and the backdrops are pleasing to look at. On the minus side, the game lacks depth and variety and is far too expensive for the limited entertainment it offers. If it were less than a tenner then I'd say go get it – but at its current price, Bomb jack is definitely not good value for money.
Bob Chappell

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