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Coktel Vision20,000 Leagues Under the SeaAtari ST1988I3
Coktel Vision20000 lieues sous les mersAmstrad CPCI1
Coktel VisionA la decouverte de la terreAmstrad CPCI
Coktel VisionA la decouverte de la vieAmstrad CPCI
Coktel VisionA la decouverte de lhommeAmstrad CPCI
Coktel VisionA.G.E. (Advanced Galactic Empire)Commodore Amiga1991I4
Coktel VisionAbracadabraCommodore Amiga1991I5
Coktel VisionAfrican RaidersCommodore Amiga1989I5
Coktel VisionAsterixAtari ST1987I5
Coktel VisionAsterix and the Magic CarpetCommodore Amiga1987I4
Coktel VisionAsterix chez rahazadeAmstrad CPCI1
Coktel VisionAsterix Chez Rahazade (aka Asterix And The Magic Carpet)Commodore Amiga1987I4
Coktel VisionAsterix et la potion magiqueAmstrad CPCI
Coktel VisionAsterix im Morgenland (aka Asterix And The Magic Carpet)Commodore Amiga1987I4
Coktel VisionAsterix in Operation GetafixAtari ST1989V
Coktel VisionAsterix: Le Coup Du Menhir (aka Asterix: Operation Getafix)Commodore Amiga1989I4
Coktel VisionAsterix: Operation GetafixCommodore Amiga1989I4
Coktel VisionAsterix: Operation Hinkelstein (aka Asterix: Operation Getafix)Commodore Amiga1989I4
Coktel VisionAu nom de lhermineAmstrad CPCI
Coktel VisionBaba YagaCommodore Amiga1991I4
Coktel VisionBalade a cologneAmstrad CPCI
Coktel VisionBalade au pays de big-benAmstrad CPCI
Coktel VisionBargon AttackCommodore Amiga1992I4
Coktel VisionBlueberryAmstrad CPCI1
Coktel VisionCap HornAmstrad CPCI
Coktel VisionCap sur dakarAmstrad CPCI
Coktel VisionCarte deuropeAmstrad CPCI
Coktel VisionCompilactionAmstrad CPCI
Coktel VisionDakar 4x4Amstrad CPCI
Coktel VisionDakar MotoAmstrad CPCI
Coktel VisionDefi au tarotAmstrad CPCI
Coktel VisionDon quichotteAmstrad CPCI
Coktel VisionDrole D'ecole (q.v. Fun School 4 (5-7 year old))Commodore Amiga1992I4
Coktel VisionDuel 2000Amstrad CPCI1
Coktel VisionEmmanuelleCommodore Amiga1989I4
Coktel VisionEnigme a oxfordAmstrad CPCI
Coktel VisionFantome CityAmstrad CPCI
Coktel VisionFascinationCommodore Amiga1991I5
Coktel VisionFreedomAmstrad CPCI
Coktel VisionFreedomAtari ST1988
Coktel VisionFreedom: Rebels in the DarknessCommodore Amiga1988I4
Coktel VisionFun School 4 (5-7 year old)Commodore Amiga1991I4
Coktel VisionGeishaCommodore Amiga1990I4
Coktel VisionGeishaAtari ST1990
Coktel VisionGobliiinsIBM PC1992V
Coktel VisionGobliiinsAtari ST1992
Coktel VisionGobliiinsCommodore Amiga1992I5
Coktel VisionGobliins 2: The Prince BuffoonAtari ST1992IV
Coktel VisionGobliins 2: The Prince BuffoonCommodore Amiga1993I5V
Coktel VisionGoblins 3Commodore Amiga1994I5V

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