Colditz (1984)      

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Details (Sinclair ZX Spectrum) Supported platforms Artwork and Media
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Phipps Associates
Adventure / Graphical
Tony Barber
Audio cassette
Europe (£6.95)
Game Instructions, Game Map
Later this title was reduced in price to £5.95.
Sinclair ZX Spectrum
Acorn BBC

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Your Reviews (Unknown)   7th Mar 2011 10:03
Nasty Nazis have you locked up in their inescapable castle prison and armed with your wits and cunning it's down to you to find your way to freedom. Eagle-eyed guards are on the prowl, so watch your step. There's plenty of tip-toeing around rooms and crawling through tunnels to be done, but you can't just slip out on your own - there's an distinguished scientist to release too. The graphics are rudimentary, but this doesn't affect the atmosphere badly. It's still a perplexing and nerve-jangling adventure.

Issue 5 (July 1984) (Your Spectrum)   27th Dec 2008 08:35
Issue 7 (Aug 1984) (Crash!)   20th Mar 2017 09:45

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Complete WalkthroughCOLDITZ (Phipps Associates) --------------------------- Also known as COLDITZ CASTLE N, W, W, GET GLASS, E, E, E, GET LIGHTER, S, S, S, OPEN DESK, GET TOOLROOM KEY,W, UNLOCK DOOR, OPEN DOOR, DROP TOOLROOM KEY, W, GET ALL (hacksaw, crowbar, sharpening stone, screwdriver), E, N, N, W, CUT ROPE (with glass), DROP GLASS, GET ROPE, D, LEVER LID (with the crowbar), DROP CROWBAR, U, GET CANDLE, D, ENTER COFFIN, UNSCREW GRATE (with screwdriver), DROP SCREWDRIVER, D, LIGHT CANDLE, DROP LIGHTER, E, E, E, W, E, GET DAGGER, SHARPEN DAGGER (using then stone), DROP STONE, W, U, U, U, E, E, S, E, GET FLOOR (?!? - this prevents the guard from hearing you and gives you material for props), N, DROP LIGHTER, GET CUTTERS, S, W, N, N, CUT BARS (with hacksaw), E, MOVE BUNK (you find a tunnel!), ENTER TUNNEL (lit candle is needed), E, PROP ROOF (using the boards), W, S, W, CLIMB OUT, LOWER ROPE, CLIMB DOWN, GET ROPE, N, CUT FENCE, DROP CUTTERS, N, THROW ROPE, CLIMB ROPE, KILL GUARD (using dagger), DROP DAGGER, GET GUN, SEARCH TOWER (you find a gun silencer), GET SILENCER, FIT SILENCER (to the gun), GET UNIFORM (you remove it from the dead guard), GET UNIFORM, WEAR UNIFORM (now guards will let you pass), CLIMB DOWN, GET ROPE, E, N, GET SPADE, S, W, S, S, THROW ROPE, CLIMB UP,GET ROPE, CLIMB IN, E, ENTER TUNNEL, E, E, DIG, N, E, S, W, S, U, N, CUT BARS (the window is now accessible), DROP HACKSAW, CLIMB OUT, LOWER ROPE, CLIMB IN,E, N, GET BUCKET, S, W, W, D, N, N, N, W, S, DIG, W, W, S, W, W, W, TURN TAP, FILL BUCKET, E, E, E, ENTER TUNNEL, E, E, DIG, DROP SPADE, N, E, S, W, EXTINGUISH FIRE, DROP BUCKET, E, CRAWL, OPEN BOX, GET UNIFORM, N, W, N, S, GET FOOD, N, N, E, SHOOT KEEPER, GET JAIL KEYS, UNLOCK DOOR, OPEN DOOR, DROP JAIL KEYS, FEED PRISONER, DRESS PRISONER (with officer's uniform), DROP FOOD, W, W, S, W, ENTER FIREPLACE, U, LIFT ME (to prisoner - you learn that the password is 'escaliber'), LISTEN (you hear the number '1771' - the combination to the armoury lock), D, D, E, DROP CANDLE, S, U, W, W, S, SEARCH ROBE (you find a letter), GET LETTER, READ LETTER (safe combination is 3214 and the commandant's name is G.SMITT), DROP LETTER, E, GET CAR KEYS, N, E, S, OPEN DRAWER, GET PEN, S, OPEN SAFE, 3214 (you find some money and diaries - in incomprehensible German) GET MONEY, GET DIARYS, N, N, D,N, N, N, W, N, W, GET PLATE, N, FIT PLATE (to the printing machine), USE MACHINE, GET PASS, READ PASS, SIGN PASS, READ PASS (it is now properly signed and ready for use), DROP PEN, S, E, S, E, S, W, S, U, N, E, OPEN DOOR, 1771 (the door opens), E, GET EXPLOSIVES, W, W, CLIMB OUT, CLIMB DOWN, E, ENTER CAR, START CAR, N, ESCALIBER (the password), S, USE EXPLOSIVES, S, S, S You win!!! Odd Magne Ogreid & Jacob Gunness Updated in August 2010 with bug fixes by Jim Grimwood ***************************************************** Displayed on the Classic Adventures Solution Archive:
TipQ: How do you get down from the window ledge? A: MPXFS SPQF, E (LOWER ROPE) Q: How do you get past the wall of soil in the tunnel? A: You will need the spade.
TipQ: How do you get the coffin open? A: You need the DSPXCBS (CROWBAR) to open the coffin, with it MFWFS MJE (LEVER LID) Q: Who do you give the food to? A: The person you give the food to is in the jail, but first you must rescue him.
TipQ: How to get the wire cutters without being shot? A: GJSTU HFU GMPPSCPBSE (FIRST GET FLOORBOARD)
TipQ: How do you start the clock? A: Try TXJOH QFOEVMVN (SWING PENDULUM) Q: How do you fix the silencer on the gun? A: Try GJU TJMFODFS (FIT SILENCER) Q: How do you get past the electric fence; A: I'm afraid the electric fence is a dead end which cannot be passed Q: How do you get back through the window once outside? A: Once outside the window simply enter CLIMB IN.
TipOne code is the answer to 2 x 1607 (3214) The other to 7 x 253 (1771)
TipQ: How do you find the combination to the armoury, and how do you climb all the way up the chimney? A: If you can do the second, then you can discover the first. To get further up the chimney you mustn't mind who you tread on (RENOSIRP ESU) (USE PRISONERS), and although you can't go all the way up, when you get a bit higher you can YLLUFERAC NETSIL (LISTEN CAREFULLY).
TipTo climb down from the window when you've got the rope (PU RO) NWOD BMILC/TUO BMILC/EPOR REWOL (LOWER ROPE/CLIMB OUT/CLIMB DOWN [OR UP]).
TipQ: How on earth do you solve the problem of the creaking floorboard? A: SDRAOBROOLF EKAT OT REVEL ESU (USE LEVER TO TAKE FLOORBOARDS) Q: How to find the dagger in the sewers? A: The answer's forwards this time, just go e/e/e/w/e and then west to get out again.
TipQ: How do you stop the tunnel from collapsing? A: This is the type of thing that stumps many newcomers, frustrating because you know what you want to do but just can't come up with the right command. These early adventures often only accept one particular command in a situation like this, and with Colditz you need FOOR PORP (PROP ROOF). Easy when you know it, but hard to hit on if you don't.
TipsThere was also an anonymous caller who couldn't climb the broken ladder in Phipp's Colditz. Hmm, not an easy one this - but try asking the prisoner to lift you up after you've fed him and you should do alright. (Unknown in Your Spectrum issue 13 , Page 25) 1583 Another adventure that Mr Harris is stuck in, is Colditz, the excellent new Phipps Adventure. To negotiate the tunnel: CGEE / LTOF / FLFO / IOCR / EBTO / HAER / NDPS / RFOR / PORM / OPOA / FR. (Tony Bridge in Micro Adventurer issue 09) 3492 How to cross the Parcels Office a second time - is there a way through the Tunnel behind the Bunk? Go North from the Office, get wire cutters. Then return and get floor board. To get through the Tunnel, prop up the roof with the floorboard, and dig with Spade. (Tony Bridge, Ken Matthews in Micro Adventurer issue 14) 3546 To get into coffin:Lever lid with crowbar. Guard at top of tower:Kill with dagger. What to do with dead guard:Search and undress him. In bunk room:Move bunk. In tunnel:Prop roof. To get pass:Fit plate and use machine. To get under stage:Crawl. To quieten the squeaky board, use a lever!
The game features an initial load of a few help pages. You then can choose to load the main game.


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