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4D Sports Boxing (1991)            

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Mindscape International Inc
Sport / Boxing
Distinctive Software, Don A. Mattrick, Stanley Chow
8088/8086, DOS 2.11, 640K, CGA
EGA, VGA, MCGA, Adlib, Roland, SoundBlaster
1-2 (simultaneous)
Yes (analog)

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Desert Gunstar (Unknown)   24th May 2013 01:04
"KO all those posers for a shot against The Champ!"

4D Sports Boxing is a graphically dated, but fun boxing simulation game to play. Brought to you by DSI (makers of 4D Sports Driving/Stunts), the quality of the game is fairly high. The main premise of this game is to create and customize a boxer, and dodge, weave, jab and hook your way to the top. As you progress, you are able to increase the strength of the boxer that you create. You can increase your boxer's attributes of speed, power, and stamina with every fight. You'll need it to make it to the #1 spot, where the champ awaits...

Strapping on the Polygonized Gloves
4D Sports Boxing uses polygons instead of sprites to animate each of the boxers. While not too appealing to the eyes, you can clearly see your boxer throw a left hook to the opponent's face. And with the dimensions being 4D, you can rewind the match and watch it again with another camera angle. You have a variety of camera angles to play the game in: a ring-side view, through the eyes of either boxer, or even an overhead. The camera control is simply amazing because you have nearly unlimited control over it. There's even an ability to place up to seven different cameras in different positions, and then watch them all at the same time via the master camera control. The only problem is that even with a nice view, the game still looks a bit ugly.

Meeting the Challenge of Our Rivals
The basic premise of the game is to make a character and fight your way up to the numero uno spot. Customizing your character is a breeze; just give him a name, a height, a weight (which will also determine if he fights in the welter, light, medium, or heavy divisions), dominant hand, and appearance. Your boxer will start up in the lowest rank with $0 in prize money, and you will have the opportunity to face 3-4 boxers of higher standing than you. If you win, you advance to that rank and continue on. Sounds simple...until you realize that the higher ranked boxers have higher attributes than the last. Some will have more power or speed, but you will have them too as you train in the gym before each match.

Floating Like a Butterfly
Controlling your boxer in the ring is very simple. You can use the arrow keys or the WASD setup to move around. To punch, just press the attack key along with a directional movement. Pressing Attack + up will throw a jab with your dominant hand. Attack + up-right will throw a hook, and attack + down will cause your boxer to deliver a body blow. You can play against the computer or a friend.

Fight to the Top
Although 4D Sports Boxing may not be the best boxing simulation out there, it definitely is a fun and entertaining game to play. It does get hard at the higher-ranked matches, but you can prevail if you work at it. Even if you don't like boxing, take a small look at this game... you might find it a bit entertaining at the very least.

Reviewer's Score: 8/10 | Originally Posted: 07/02/04

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