Falcon Patrol 2 (1984)            

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Virgin Games
Steve Lee
Dave Lee
Audio cassette
Falcon Patrol

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Commodore 64
Sinclair ZX Spectrum

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11th May 1998 (Zzap! 64)   26th Mar 2013 02:53
Game of the Week 11th May 1998

Falcon Patrol 2+ by Virgin Games

Falcon Patrol 2+, another very playable game for this weeks game of the week. Notice the "+", this is an enhanced version by me, in that the high score table can be saved by pressing the restore key and when the game starts up, the high score table is automatically loaded. Also, at the beginning of very life, the plane fills up with fuel extra fast. This is NOT a cheat!, it only means you get to start a play faster, any fuel refills during play are filled up at regular speed. See below for instructions.


I'm afraid I don't have a copy of the original instructions this time, as the only original copy I have of the game is as part of a multi game pack. I'm sure the story line involves something about an attack and now you must go out alone and kill everything and save the world etc.

The aim of the game is to shot all the helicopters and any extra guns they drop out onto the ground (located beside the airports). Only helicopters of certain colours can actually shot at you but all will do their best to run into you. You start the game with a full fuel tank and 100 shots of ammo, but this goes down pretty fast, so you need to line up at the airports and land for extra fuel and ammo. You need to kill every helicopter on the screen to progress to the next level.

Looking at the bottom part of the screen, the panel on the left gives your score and lifes left, along with the high score, the panel on the right gives your fuel left bar, the level you are on, the amount of ammo left and the amount of helicopters still to shoot down. The panel in the middle is your rader and shows you where all the helicopters are, be aware that low flying aircraft doesn't show up on the rader.

Playing the Game

You can control your plane with the joystick in port 1 (or equivalent keys on your PC)

UP = Increase the attitute of your plane
DOWN = Decrease the attitute of your plane
LEFT = Turn the plane around to face (and go) left
RIGHT = Turn the plane around to face right
FIRE = Shoot those bas**rds
DOWN & FIRE = Shoots a bullet towards the ground

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