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   Titles: 68

737 Flight SimulatorAcorn Electron-I---
737 Flight SimulatorAcorn BBC-I---
737 Flight SimulatorAcorn BBC-I---
Dacc Ltd747 Flight SimulatorAcorn BBC-I---
Dacc Ltd747 Flight SimulatorAcorn Electron-I---
Dacc Ltd747 Flight SimulatorSinclair ZX Spectrum1984mI2-A-
Atlantis Software LtdApache FlightCommodore Amiga1992-I4---
Codemasters LtdArcade Flight SimulatorCommodore 641989mI1---
Codemasters LtdArcade Flight SimulatorSinclair ZX Spectrum1989mI1VA1
Codemasters LtdArcade Flight SimulatorAmstrad CPC1989mI3-A-
Gremlin GraphicsBlue Angels Formation Flight SimulationCommodore Amiga1989-I5---
Electronic ArtsChuck Yeager's Advanced Flight Trainer (AFT)Commodore Amiga1990-I4---
Electronic ArtsChuck Yeager's Advanced Flight Trainer V2.0Atari ST1990---A-
Electronic ArtsChuck Yeagers Advanced Flight TrainerCommodore 641987mI5---
Electronic ArtsChuck Yeagers Advanced Flight TrainerSinclair ZX Spectrum1989mI5-A1
Electronic ArtsChuck Yeagers Advanced Flight TrainerAmstrad CPC1988mI4-A-
Electronic ArtsChuck Yeagers Advanced Flight TrainerApple 2e1987--1---
ThalionDragonflightCommodore Amiga1990-I4---
ThalionDragonflightAtari ST1990---A-
Jaeger SoftwareFighter Duel Pro Flight RecorderCommodore Amiga1993-I4---
(Unknown)Flight 747Commodore 6419xxmI1---
Aqua SoftFlight Academy[JP]Xbox 2002-I-A-
Gremlin GraphicsFlight aceAmstrad CPCmI--1
Byte BustersFlight DeckCommodore 641986mI1---
RenegadeFlight of the Amazon QueenCommodore Amiga1995-I4--1
RenegadeFlight of the Amazon Queen CD32Commodore Amiga1995-I4---
Spectrum HolobyteFlight of the IntruderIBM PC1991DI5VA3
Mirrorsoft LtdFlight of the IntruderAtari ST1991---A-
Mirrorsoft LtdFlight of the IntruderCommodore Amiga1991-I5-A2
Mindscape International IncFlight of the IntruderNintendo NES1991-I2---
Flight Of The UnicornAcorn BBC-I---
Anco Software LtdFlight Path 737Commodore Amiga1987-I4V--
Anirog SoftwareFlight Path 737Sinclair ZX Spectrum1985DI-A-
Anirog SoftwareFlight Path 737Commodore 641984mI1---
Anirog SoftwareFlight Path 737Amstrad CPC1984mI--1
Anirog SoftwareFlight Path 737Acorn Electron-I---
Sinclair Research LtdFlight SimulationSinclair ZX811982DI5-A-
Sinclair Research LtdFlight SimulationSinclair ZX Spectrum1982DI-A1
MicrosoftFlight Simulator 1IBM PC1982mI2VA2
MicrosoftFlight Simulator 1Apple 2e1982m-VA-
Flight Simulator 2Commodore 641984mIV--
Flight Simulator 2Atari ST1989---A-
MicrosoftFlight Simulator 2IBM PC1984mI1-A2
SublogicFlight Simulator 2Commodore Amiga1987-I4---
SublogicFlight Simulator 2: European Scenery DiskCommodore Amiga1988-I4---
SublogicFlight Simulator 2: Japan Scenery DiskCommodore Amiga1988-I4---
MicrosoftFlight Simulator 3IBM PC1988mI5VA3
MicrosoftFlight Simulator 4IBM PC1989mI5VA3
MicrosoftFlight Simulator 4 Aircraft & Scenery Designer (ASD)IBM PC----1
MicrosoftFlight Simulator 5IBM PC1993mI5-A2

   Authors: 2

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