Flip Flap (1984)      

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Software Super Savers Ltd
Arcade / Pinball
Jim Scarlett
Audio cassette

Sinclair ZX Spectrum

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Issue 11 (February 1985) (Your Spectrum)   27th Mar 2017 07:36
Dave: Tommy fans have been quite well catered for on the Spectrum with at least two pinball games already available, including one marketed by Sinclair Research itself. This is probably why Software Projects chose to put Flip Flap in its Software Supersavers range of cheap software.

In fact, Flip Flap is just about the best all-round version that I've seen; if it had been released earlier, I reckon it would have sold quite well... even at full price! The game includes all the features of the real thing, such as bumpers, traps, bonus scores and tilts and there's also moving targets to hit and a gamble option to give you extra points and balls. Add to this the fact that there are no less than 20 tables to play, each new table being offered after you've beaten the target score on the previous one, and you've quite a good game.

The only real minus in the game is that the ball does tend to behave a bit like a snooker ball with spin on it. It's only £2.99, so who's complaining anyway? 4/5 HIT

Ross: Despite an appalling lack of instructions, a good game of pinball with different tables to give it interest. 3/5 MISS

Roger: Being a bit of a pinball wizard, this one seemed right up my street... and I wasn't disappointed either! 3/5 HIT

Dave 4/5
Ross 3/5
Roger 3/5

Dave Nicholls, Ross Holman, Roger Willis

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