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Bloody Roar 3 ( 2003)            

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Konami Ltd

Hudson Soft

Standard Xbox Controller/Controller S

DVD (Protected)


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Wiki (Unknown)   20th Sep 2016 11:09
The main feature of Bloody Roar 3' is the ability to transform into beasts, which is involved in all of the Bloody Roar games. Once the character transforms, they regain all the health they have lost and become much stronger and more powerful than before.


Returning characters

Yugo the Wolf - W.O.C. leader determined to stop the XGC
Alice the Rabbit - a W.O.C. activist who follows Yugo on his search for the XGC mark's origin
Long the Tiger - a vagrant on a journey to stop the harmful XGC
Gado the Lion - a Commissioner willing to create coexistence between humanity and Zoanthropes
Kenji/Bakuryu the Mole - a student with the desire to protect his burdened brother
Uriko the Half Beast - a student who goes to find the XGC to cure her boredom
Stun the Insect - a solitary former researcher for Tylon encouraged by Jenny to look for the XGC
Shina the Leopard - a mercenary sent to find the source of the XGC
Jenny the Bat - a top spy tasked with looking into the chaos of the XGC
Busuzima the Chameleon - a former head researcher for Tylon setting out to harness the power of the XGC code
Shenlong the Tiger - a bouncer who will kill anyone he doesn't like

New characters

Xion the Unborn - a cold and reserved man who plots to exterminate all other Zoanthropes. His Zoanthrope is the Unborn.
Kōryū - a relentless machine modeled after the first Bakuryu. His Zoanthrope is the Iron Mole. (Unlockable)
Uranus - a perfected clone of Uriko known as the strongest Zoanthrope. Her Zoanthrope is the Chimera. (Unlockable)
Cronos (introduced in Primal Fury)
Ganesha (introduced in Primal Fury)
Fang the Wolf, (introduced in Extreme)

The music was composed by Takayuki Negishi and was recorded at MIT Studio with Jun Kajiwara at the guitar, Michio Nagaoka at the bass, Atsuo Okamoto at the drums and Negishi at the synthesizer. The Japanese voice cast includes Hideo Ishikawa as Yugo, Mika Kanai as Alice, Ryōtarō Okiayu as Long, Kazumi Tanaka as Busuzima, Junko Noda as Bakuryu, Marina Ōno as Uriko, Takeshi Aono as Koryu and Eriko Fujimaki as Uranus. The English voice cast features Barry Gjerde as Yugo and a system voice, Kimberly Forsythe as Alice, Dario Toda as Long, Lenne Hardt as Shina, Paul Lucas as Busuzima, Greg Dale as Stun, Samantha Vega as Jenny, Chris Wells as Gado, Bill Sullivan as Shenlong, Michael Naishtut as Bakuryu, Bianca Allen as Uriko and John Nuzzo as Xion. The English voices of Primal Fury were recorded at Screenmusic Studios; the cast this version consists of Dee Bradley Baker (as "Dee Baker"), Michael Bell, Earl Boen, Cam Clarke, Lara Cody, Paul Eiding, Quinton Flynn, Michael Gough, Jennifer Hale, Lex Lang, Vanessa Marshall and Tasia Valenza.

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