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   News Articles: 2

   Publishers: 1

PublisherTitle CountPublisher Spotlight
Manic Miner Mythologies1-

   Titles: 19

Juancho Martizen CuberoCasa di Jack La (Manic Miner)Sinclair ZX Spectrum1983mI-A-
Software ProjectsManic MinerCommodore Amiga1990-I4VA-
Software ProjectsManic MinerAcorn BBC-I-A1
Software ProjectsManic MinerAmstrad CPCmI5-A-
Software ProjectsManic MinerCommodore 641983mI5-A1
Software ProjectsManic MinerDragon 321984-I5-A-
Software ProjectsManic MinerSinclair ZX Spectrum1983DI5VA4
Software ProjectsManic Miner 2Amstrad CPCmI-A-
Manic Miner 2Sinclair ZX Spectrum1985mI1-A-
Software ProjectsManic Miner 2Commodore Amiga1990-I4---
Cheese Freak SoftwareManic Miner 3: Tales f/a Parallel...Sinclair ZX Spectrum1996mI-A-
BroadsoftManic Miner 4Sinclair ZX Spectrum1997DI-A-
Ignacio Perez GilManic Miner 5: Los Peligros del LSDSinclair ZX Spectrum1998mI-A-
BroadsoftManic Miner 6: Buddha of SuburbiaSinclair ZX Spectrum1998mI-A-
Craig RothwellManic Miner 7Sinclair ZX Spectrum1998mI-A-
Your SinclairManic Miner EditorSinclair ZX Spectrum1992mI-A-
BroadsoftManic Miner Screen EditorSinclair ZX Spectrum1998mI-A-
Your SinclairManic Miner Sprite EditorSinclair ZX SpectrummI-A-
Manic Miner MythologiesManic Miner: Eugene - Lord..BathroomSinclair ZX Spectrum1999mI-A-

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