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Mugsy (1984)      

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Details (Sinclair ZX Spectrum) Supported platforms Artwork and Media
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Melbourne House
Strategy / Management
Beam Software, Philip Mitchell, Clive Barrett, Russell Comte

Audio cassette
Europe (£6.95)
Mugsys Revenge

Your Sinclairs Joystick Jury rated the game a Hit. It also won the Crash! Readers Award for Best Strategy and Simulation.
Sinclair ZX Spectrum

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Issue 8 (October 1984) (Your Spectrum)   27th Dec 2008 08:01
As the 'Godfather' to a gang of mafia men, your job is to keep them all happy by making lots of money and buying arms to fight off rival gangs. You've also got to pay for police co-operation and buy 'customers' who are in need of your brand of protection.

Alex: As you might expect from Melbourne House, the graphics are exceptionally well defined; the detail is superb, right down to the cigarette smoke. There are several varying screens, each making good use of contrasting colours, and the overall display is very clear and pleasing to the eye. Added to this is the very fast response time which allows the game to proceed as quickly as the player wants it to, and the Charleston that's played in the introduction.

Alan G: The idea of interacting with a comic strip is excellent, and if you become too successful, a rival gang sends out a hitman; the cafe shoot-out that results is superb arcade sequence. Most of the game, however, is about entering how much money you want to spend on guns, bribes, customers and so on. There's also a wonderful micro movie at the end of each year's business. Superbly detailed graphics, excellent animation and choice of colours.

Alan H: The drawing of the graphics is incredibly fast; in fact, they appear almost instantaneously which is all the more impressive considering their very high quality. Equally astounding is the logic behind the game. It's consistent, but doesn't produce outcomes that are in the least predictable - every game seems to be quite different from the last. Even the title screen is very good. This game is well worth the money at £6.95.

Alex Entwhistle, Alan Grier, Alan Hunter

Gilbert (Sinclair User)   27th Dec 2008 01:47

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