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Rainbow Islands (1989)            

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Ocean Software Ltd
Platform / 2D
Graftgold, Andrew Braybrook, John Cumming, Dominic Robinson, D. C. Ward
Steve Turner, Jason Page


3.5" Floppy disk

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(Anonymous) (Unknown)   25th Nov 2010 10:11
Title Rainbow Islands
Game Type Platform
Publisher Taito/Ocean
HD Installable Patch available
Players 1
Compatibility All
Submission Chris Vella Profiled Reviewer

I have heard so much hype about how great this game is that I had to check
it out. After playing this game I can't figure out why this game is considered
by many to be so great. To me it's an average to good game at best.

The game is your common platformer where you control a character who must
make his way to the top of the level and to the exit. Along the way you are
attacked by creatures whom you can kill and turn into fruit by throwing a
rainbow at them. The rainbows can also be used as a sort of stairs to allow
you to walk and jump to higher platforms. Complete a few levels and you will
meet an end of level boss. This enemy takes quite a few hits from your rainbow
to be killed. Thats basically the game. Jump to higher platforms while killing
creatures and turning them into fruit, which you then collect. So whats with
all the hype?

The graphics and sound are average but the game does play quite well.
Joystick control is good and the difficulty level is just about right. There
are so many bonuses to find and collect and this adds to the lastability of
the game. That said however, I still find the game a little boring. It's a
cute little game but no better then most other plaformers, so please stop with
all the hype.

In conclusion, I have to say that I'm not all that impressed by this game.
To me it's just a run of the mill standard platformer. It's not a bad game nor
is it a great game. Maybe someone can tell me why they think this game is so
great. I just don't see it. The game plays well and it is kinda fun for a
while to play, so on that fact alone it's probably worth getting a copy, but
if you can't, life will still go on. If you like platform games check out
these better games first (Woodys World, Nicky Boom, Superfrog)

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