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PublisherTitle CountPublisher Spotlight

   Titles: 71

Firebird Software Ltd3D PoolAmstrad CPC1989mI1V--
Firebird Software Ltd3D PoolAcorn BBC-I---
Firebird Software Ltd3D PoolCommodore 641989mI1VA-
Microprose Software Ltd3D PoolCommodore Amiga1989-I5-A2
8 Ball PoolAtari ST1987---A-
Actua PoolSony Playstation1999---A-
FCIAdvanced Dungeons & Dragons: Pool of RadianceNintendo NES1992-I-A-
AmsoftAlex Higgins World PoolAmstrad CPC1985mI4-A1
ZeppelinAmerican 3D PoolCommodore 641991mI1-A-
ZeppelinAmerican 3D PoolSinclair ZX Spectrum1992DI-A-
MidwayAmerican PoolSony Playstation2003 ---A-
Team 17Arcade PoolCommodore Amiga1994-I4--1
Team 17Arcade Pool CD32Commodore Amiga1994-I4--1
Virgin GamesArcher Maclean presents: Billard Americain (q.v. Archer Maclean's Pool)Commodore Amiga1992-I4---
Virgin GamesArcher Maclean's PoolCommodore Amiga1992-I4--1
Virgin GamesArcher Maclean's PoolAtari ST1993---A-
Archer Maclean's PoolSony Playstationvoice ov---A-
Break Time: The National Pool TourNintendo NES1993-I---
Mindscape International IncChampionship PoolSega Mega Drive1993-I2-A-
Mindscape International IncChampionship PoolNintendo SNES1993---A-
Mindscape International IncChampionship PoolNintendo NES1993-I5--1
Microprose Software LtdCueball (aka 3D Pool)Commodore Amiga1989-I4---
MicrodealElectronic PoolCommodore Amiga1987-I4---
MicrodealElectronic PoolAtari ST19??---A-
AegisFast Eddie's Pool and BilliardsCommodore Amiga1991-I4--1
CRL Group PLCHustler Plays Pool, TheSinclair ZX Spectrum1983mI1-A-
Black LegendKid PoolCommodore Amiga1993-I4---
Grandslam Entertainment LtdLiverpool - The Computer GameCommodore 641993mI1---
Grandslam Entertainment LtdLiverpool - The Computer GameAmstrad CPCmI---
Grandslam Entertainment LtdLiverpool FC: The Computer GameAtari ST1993---A-
Grandslam Entertainment LtdLiverpool FC: The Computer GameCommodore Amiga1992-I4---
Lunar PoolNintendo NES1987-I---
Firebird Software LtdMaltese Joe's 3D Pool ChallengeAtari ST1989---A-
Microprose Software LtdMaltese Joe's 3D Pool Challenge (q.v. 3D Pool)Commodore Amiga1989-I4---
Firebird Software LtdMaltese Joes Pool ChallengeSinclair ZX Spectrum1989mI-A-
CDS MicrosystemsPoolSinclair ZX Spectrum1984DI1-A1
Bug-Byte Software LtdPoolSinclair ZX Spectrum1983DI1-A-
Mastertronic Added DimensionPoolAtari ST1988---A-
Mastertronic Added DimensionPoolCommodore Amiga1987-I4---
Blue Ribbon SoftwarePoolSinclair ZX Spectrum1983DI1-A-
AbrascoPoolSinclair ZX Spectrum1983DI1-A-
PoolCommodore VIC-20-----
PoolCommodore VIC-20-----
(Unknown)Pool (Unknown)Commodore 6419xxmI1---
CommodorePool BillardCommodore 641983mI---
Media VerlagPool EdgeNintendo GameCube2002-I-A-
DynabytePool HallAcorn BBC-I---
DynabytePool HallAcorn Electron-I---
Pool HustlerSony Playstation-----
Stategic Simulations IncPool of RadianceAtari ST1988---A-

   Authors: 9

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