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Wolfenstein 3D (1994)      

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id Software
J8901 Controller

Atari Jaguar

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Keith Iida (Jaguar review)   27th Mar 2012 05:19
The game that put Id Software on the map makes its way for another run, this time on the Jaguar. It's just the timing that is a bit perplexing, given that Doom is already out on the PC and makes its predecessor seem a bit long in the tooth. Nevertheless, Jaguar owners starving for some first-person corridor shooter action won't be disappointed with this conversion.

Wolfenstein 3D is set during the WWII era, and as B.J. Blazkowicz, you've been called on by the Franklin Roosevelt to stop the Nazis in their attempts to create new weapons of mass destruction and even ghoulish creatures. You must romp through six missions spanning thirty levels in a first-person viewpoint, with each level full of confusing mazes, hidden roms and members of The Third Reich. Along the way, you can pick up powerful weapons to aid you such as rocket launchers and other helpful items.

The Jaguar version of Wolfenstein 3D stacks up well against the PC version that took the gaming world by storm a few years ago. It's far superior to the watered-down versions that appeared on the 3DO and SNES, and all of the original game's blood, guts and gore have thankfully been retained. The stereo sound effects have also transferred over nicely, as the digitized voices, background music and other assorted hearing aids are loud and clear.

Given that it debuted on the PC more than two years ago, and a version of Doom for the Jaguar is imminent, it's best to hold off on getting this one unless you're one of those who never tire of mindlessly blasting enemies and don't mind the bland color palette that was originally intended for 16-bit machines. And if you still haven't picked up Aliens Vs. Predator, you're well-advised to pick that one up instead as it's a far superior overall game.

Title Wolfenstein 3D
Publisher Atari
System Atari Jaguar
Graphics 6
Sound 7
Gameplay 6
Overall 6
Reviewer Keita Iida

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