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Arrow Flash (1990)      

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Standard 3- or 6-button controller

North America,Europe,Japan,Brazil,KR

Sega Mega Drive

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(Anonymous) (Unknown)   7th Nov 2012 02:50
Arrow Flash is a horizontal shoot'em up for the Genesis, designed by Takashi Akaishimzawa and published by Renovation Products. The game features references to several influential anime series including Macross (aka Robotech), and Gundam.

The game stars Zana Keene, who pilots a prototype transformable fighter-mecha which was left by her grandfather to fight against the Great Golem aliens. While the gameplay is a consistent horizontal shooter, the game also features a stage where the background scrolls vertically and one where it scrolls diagonally.

The player can collect power-ups for their main weapon to get different attacks, and satellite ships that follow the player and fire along with it.

In Arrow Flash, the player can switch between two different ship forms. These include a humanoid mech form and a typical jet form. The jet form shoots forward in rapid succession while the mech form can shoot diagonally or backwards at a slower rate. The jet mode is faster.

Both forms can be destroyed in a single hit, but an energy shield can be collected which will absorb 3 hits. Each form also has its own "Arrow Flash" special attack. The jet mode attack fires five shots forward, and the mech mode deploys a fire shield that will absorb all damage. The player must charge up energy to use the Arrow Flash attacks.

The game features 3 weapons which have 3 levels of power each. Collecting a different power-up will swap weapons, but collecting the same power-up will increase the shot to the next level. Weapons include a blue arrow shot, a yellow shot which is stronger but slower, and a much slower but very powerful attack. The 3rd level blue shot and all levels of the yellow shot fire differently depending on whether the player is in jet or mech mode

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