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Activision IncA Mind Forever VoyagingAtari ST1985I1
InfocomA Mind Forever VoyagingIBM PC1985
InfocomA Mind Forever VoyagingApple 2e1985I1
Activision IncBallyhooAtari ST1986
Activision IncBeyond ZorkAtari ST1988
Activision IncBorrowed TimeAtari ST1986
InfocomBureaucracyIBM PC1987I1
InfocomBureaucracyCommodore 641987I1
InfocomBureaucracyAtari ST1987I
Activision IncCutthroatsAtari ST19??
InfocomDeadlineCommodore 641982I1
Activision IncDeadlineAtari ST1986
Activision IncEnchanterAtari ST1986
InfocomHitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy, TheIBM PC1984I
Activision IncHollywood HijinxAtari ST19??
Activision IncInfidelAtari ST19??
Activision IncLeather Goddesses of PhobosAtari ST1986
Activision IncLurking Horror, TheAtari ST1987
Activision IncMoonmistAtari ST19??
Activision IncPlanetfallAtari ST19??
Activision IncPlundered HeartsAtari ST19??
Activision IncSeastalkerAtari ST19??
Activision IncSherlock The Riddle of the Crown JewelsAtari ST1988
Activision IncSorcererAtari ST1986
Activision IncSpellbreakerAtari ST1986
Activision IncStarcrossAtari ST19??
Activision IncStationfallAtari ST19??
Activision IncSuspectAtari ST1985
Activision IncSuspendedAtari ST19??
Activision IncThe Hitch Hiker's Guide to the GalaxyAtari ST1986
Activision IncThe WitnessAtari ST19??
Activision IncTrinityAtari ST1986
Activision IncWishbringerAtari ST19??
InfocomZork 1 - The Great Underground EmpireIBM PC1980I2
Activision IncZork 1 The Great Underground EmpireAtari ST19??
InfocomZork 2 - The Wizard of FrobozzIBM PC1983I2
Activision IncZork 2 The Wizard of FrobozzAtari ST19??
InfocomZork 3 - The Dungeon MasterIBM PC1984I5
Activision IncZork 3 The Dungeon MasterAtari ST19??

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