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Mikro-Gen Ltd180Sinclair ZX Spectrum1983I3
Mikro-Gen LtdAir Traffic ControlSinclair ZX Spectrum1985I2
Mikro-Gen LtdAlienCommodore VIC-201981I
Mikro-Gen LtdAuto ManiaCommodore 641984I4V
Mikro-Gen LtdAuto ManiaSinclair ZX Spectrum1985I5V
Mikro-Gen LtdBattle of the Planets, TheAmstrad CPCI4
Mikro-Gen LtdBattle of the Planets, TheSinclair ZX Spectrum1986I1V
Mikro-Gen LtdBattle of the Planets, TheCommodore 6419xxI
Mikro-Gen LtdBomberSinclair ZX81I2
Mikro-Gen LtdChessSinclair ZX811982I2
Mikro-Gen LtdCop-OutSinclair ZX Spectrum1986I5
Mikro-Gen LtdCopoutAmstrad CPCI1
Mikro-Gen LtdCreepy CrawlerSinclair ZX Spectrum1983I
Mikro-Gen LtdDeffendarSinclair ZX Spectrum1984I
Mikro-Gen LtdDrak-MazeSinclair ZX Spectrum1984I
Mikro-Gen LtdEquinoxSinclair ZX Spectrum1986I5V
Mikro-Gen LtdEquinoxCommodore 641986I5V
Mikro-Gen LtdEquinoxAmstrad CPC1986I5
Mikro-Gen LtdEveryone's a WallyCommodore 641985I5
Mikro-Gen LtdEveryone's a WallySinclair ZX Spectrum1985I5V
Mikro-Gen LtdEveryone's a WallyAmstrad CPCI
Mikro-Gen LtdFrogsSinclair ZX81I1
Mikro-Gen LtdFrost ByteCommodore 641987I1
Mikro-Gen LtdFrost ByteSinclair ZX Spectrum1986I1
Mikro-Gen LtdFrost ByteAmstrad CPCI1
Mikro-Gen LtdGalakzionsSinclair ZX Spectrum1983I
Mikro-Gen LtdHerbert's Dummy RunSinclair ZX Spectrum1985I5V
Mikro-Gen LtdHerbert's Dummy RunAmstrad CPC1985I
Mikro-Gen LtdHerbert's Dummy RunCommodore 641985I3
Mikro-Gen LtdKnockoutSinclair ZX Spectrum1983I1
Mikro-Gen LtdLand of SaganSinclair ZX Spectrum1983I
Mikro-Gen LtdLaser WarpSinclair ZX SpectrumI1
Mikro-Gen LtdLaserwarpSinclair ZX Spectrum1983I
Mikro-Gen LtdLunar RescueSinclair ZX81I1
Mikro-Gen LtdMad MarthaSinclair ZX Spectrum1983I1
Mikro-Gen LtdMad Martha 2Sinclair ZX Spectrum1983I1
Mikro-Gen LtdMasterchessSinclair ZX Spectrum1983I1
Mikro-Gen LtdMines of Saturn/Return to EarthSinclair ZX81I2
Mikro-Gen LtdMini PuttSinclair ZX Spectrum1988I
Mikro-Gen LtdNaanasSinclair ZX Spectrum1983I1
Mikro-Gen LtdNanasSinclair ZX Spectrum1983I1
Mikro-Gen LtdPanicSinclair ZX Spectrum1983I1
Mikro-Gen LtdParadroidsSinclair ZX Spectrum1984I1
Mikro-Gen LtdPat the PostmanSinclair ZX Spectrum1983I1
Mikro-Gen LtdPyjamaramaSinclair ZX Spectrum1984I5V
Mikro-Gen LtdPyjamaramaCommodore 641984I5V
Mikro-Gen LtdPyjamaramaAmstrad CPC1984I5V
Mikro-Gen LtdSAS Strike ForceAmstrad CPCI1
Mikro-Gen LtdScrambleSinclair ZX811983I1
Mikro-Gen LtdScrambleSinclair ZX Spectrum1983I1

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