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PSSAlienSinclair ZX811982I1
PSSAndromedaSinclair ZX Spectrum1983I3
PSSAnnals of RomeCommodore 641987I1
PSSAnnals of RomeAmstrad CPCI
PSSAnnals of RomeSinclair ZX Spectrum1986I2
PSSBataille dangleterre (la)Amstrad CPCI
PSSBataille pour la rfa / battlefield germanyAmstrad CPCI
PSSBattle for Midway, TheAmstrad CPCI
PSSBattle for Midway, TheSinclair ZX Spectrum1985I2
PSSBattle of Austerlitz, TheAmstrad CPCI
PSSBattle of BritainSinclair ZX Spectrum1986I
PSSBattle of BritainCommodore 641985I1
PSSBattle of BritainAmstrad CPCI
PSSBattle of WaterlooAmstrad CPCI1
PSSBattlefield GermanySinclair ZX Spectrum1987I
PSSBattlemasterCommodore Amiga1990I4
PSSBismarckSinclair ZX Spectrum1987I1
PSSBlade AlleySinclair ZX Spectrum1983I
PSSChampSinclair ZX Spectrum1984I1
PSSCovenant, TheSinclair ZX Spectrum1985I1
PSSCovenant, TheAmstrad CPCI
PSSDeep SpaceSinclair ZX Spectrum1984I1
PSSElektro StormSinclair ZX Spectrum1983I
PSSFalklands 82Sinclair ZX Spectrum1986I4
PSSFire ZoneCommodore Amiga1989I4
PSSFirezoneAtari ST1988
PSSFirezoneAmstrad CPCI
PSSFirezoneCommodore 641988I1
PSSFrank N SteinSinclair ZX Spectrum1984I
PSSGauntlet, TheSinclair ZX811984I4
PSSGhost HuntSinclair ZX811982I2
PSSGhost HuntSinclair ZX Spectrum1983I
PSSGuardianSinclair ZX Spectrum1983I1
PSSGuardian, TheSinclair ZX Spectrum1987I1V
PSSHopperSinclair ZX811982I1
PSSHopperSinclair ZX Spectrum1983I1
PSSIwo JimaSinclair ZX Spectrum1986I
PSSKrazy KongSinclair ZX Spectrum1983I
PSSKrazy KongSinclair ZX811982I1
PSSLes FlicsSinclair ZX Spectrum1984I1
PSSLight CycleAcorn BBCI
PSSLight-CycleSinclair ZX Spectrum1983I2
PSSMacadam BumperAmstrad CPC1985
PSSMacadam BumperSinclair ZX Spectrum1985I1
PSSMaze Death RaceSinclair ZX Spectrum1983I
PSSMaze Death RaceSinclair ZX811982I1
PSSMoby DickCommodore 641983I2
PSSPanicSinclair ZX Spectrum1983I1
PSSPegasus BridgeAmstrad CPCI
PSSPegasus BridgeSinclair ZX Spectrum1988I1

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