Carnell Software

Founded By:Roy Carnell and Stuart Galloway
Year Started:1981
Year Wound Up:August 1984
Titles in Database:5
Rights Now With:Roy Carnell (mostly)
Carnell was started by Roy Carnell and Stuart Galloway, who both were involved in the optical special effects on Superman.

They began writing games for the Sinclair ZX81, including Volcanic Dungeon, Alien Intruder, Wumpus Adventure and Movie Mogul. They branched into developing for the ZX Spectrum 16K and 48K when it was launched in 1982, with adventures including Black Crystal and The Wrath of Magra.
Their offices were located in Berkshire, England.


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The Retro Isle team
Added: 16 Jan 2019
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From Then To Now

Added: 5 May 2014
Sunshine Books Ltd own the rights to the game "Eye of the Star Warrior", and Mastervision have rights to "Legacy of Light" and "Sinbad and the Golden Ship".
All others are still owned by Roy Carnell.



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