Dinamic Software

Founded By:Ignacio Ruiz Tejedor, Víctor Ruiz Tejedor and Pablo Ruiz Tejedor
Location:Dinamic Software Pza. de España, 18, 28008 Madrid, Spain
Year Started:1983
Year Wound Up:1992
Titles in Database:78
Rights Now With:?
Dinamic Software was a Spanish video games producer and publisher company. It was founded in 1983, and its activity ceased in 1992, comprising the Golden Era of Spanish Software. One year later, a part of its owners founded an independent company named Dinamic Multimedia. At the end of the 1980s, another company, Aventuras AD destined to produce text adventures, was born from Dinamic Software.

During the Golden age of Spanish software, Dinamic distributed their own games in Spain, as well as the ones by Aventuras AD and other minor companies, becoming a rival to Erbe Software in this work. However, with the change of decade, and the migration to 16 bit platforms, sale figures started declining. After launching Narco Police (1991), they became unable to distribute anymore their titles.

Their last title, Risky Woods, could be released, exclusively for 16 bit platforms, thanks to co-production with Zeus Software, and distribution by Electronic Arts, since Dinamic Software was already immerse in an economical crisis that would lead to their closedown in bankruptcy in 1992. One year later, the Ruiz brothers, with Carlos Abril (one of the designers of Panthis) and the owner of HobbyPress, José Ignacio Gómez-Centurión, would create a new company, which was named Dinamic Multimedia in honor of the defunct company, but would only be owned 30% by the Ruiz Brothers.


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