Domark Ltd

Founded By:Dominic Wheatley, Mark Strachan
Location:Ferry House, 51-57 Lacy Rd, Putney, London SW15 1PR. England
Year Started:1983
Year Wound Up:1995
Titles in Database:125
Rights Now With:Eidos Interactive (1995), Kuju Entertainment (1998)
Domark Software was a video games software house based in the United Kingdom. The name was derived from the given names of its founders, Dominic Wheatley and Mark Strachan. Domark developed and published many games for home computers during the 1980s.

The company's first release was the 1984 title Eureka!, an adventure game created by Ian Livingstone, which was notable for offering a 25,000 prize to the first person to completely solve the game.

In 1995, Domark merged with Eidos Technologies, Simis and Big Red Games to form the Eidos Interactive group. Eidos Interactive later acquired U.S. Gold which included Core Design. In 1998, Simis bought itself out of the group and became Kuju Entertainment.


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Company History

Added: 19 Sep 2016
In 1983 Dominic Wheatley and Mark Strachan were Junior Account Executives for a small advertising agency in Great Britain. While looking for new business for the agency, they realized that home software was poorly marketed. Dominic came up with the idea to start a company after showing Mark the C64 game The Heroes of Karn which he had bought for his son. The two entrepreneurs had no programming experience and so they approached their business plan from the marketing side. Within a few months they both quit their jobs at the agency, secured 20+ shareholders, and in 1984 Domark Ltd., London UK, was born.

Eureka! was their first game, written by Ian Livingstone, one of the company's earliest investors. They hired Hungarian company Andromeda to program it, and established Concept Marketing as a separate company to handle a large promotional campaign for the game, offering a £25,000 prize to the first person to completely solve the game. Through their extensive marketing efforts on this game, Domark was off to a great start.

During the following years, Domark secured licenses for several well-known IPs including Trivia Pursuit, James Bond, and Star Wars, again using outside companies to do the programming for them. The company concentrated on publishing and marketing at first, but, eventually, in-house artists, designers, programmers, and technicians were hired to make Domark a totally self-sufficient company. The company had a Macintosh programming team called "The Domain" and another development team was "The Kremlin". This surge of growth caused moves to new locations in London several times.

In 1990 the company name changed to Domark Software Ltd. as evidenced by that name's appearance on game covers and in credits. Domark Group Ltd. began appearing at about the same time, so Domark as a whole may have undergone a restructuring. In late 1992 or early 1993 Domark Software Inc. was established in California (USA).

In October 1995 the entire Domark conglomerate was acquired by Eidos, along with several other companies. Many of the Domark executives and employees went to work for the new Eidos regime. The Domark name continued to be used until mid-1996 when it was finally changed to Eidos Interactive Limited, and Domark was no more.

Added: 19 Sep 2016
In October 1995, Domark, Simis, Eidos and Big Red all merged to form the company Eidos PLC.


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Added: 20 Mar 2012
Rights now owned by Eidos.



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