The Edge

Founded By:Tim Langdell
Location:Pasadena, California, USA
Year Started:1984
Year Wound Up:
Titles in Database:28
Rights Now With:?
Edge Games is a video game developer and publisher headquartered in Pasadena, California, known for the aggressive reputation of its chief executive and founder, Tim Langdell, in enforcing their trademarks relating to the word "edge". In 2010, Edge Games sued Electronic Arts for trademark infringement, but eventually settled, with Edge surrendering many of its registrations.


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Company History

Added: 21 May 2013
Edge Games was founded in California in 1990 by Tim Langdell. At that time, it acquired the intellectual property assets of Langdell's former company, Softek Software, itself founded in 1980 in London, England. Softek's catalog includes several games, including: Fairlight, released in 1985, and Garfield: Big Fat Hairy Deal, released in 1987.

Until the availability of Racers for the PC in 2009, Edge Games had not released a new title since 1994, though the Edge website states that two other multi-platform titles: Mirrors, and Mythora 2 are "coming soon", as are the PlayStation 3 and other platform versions of Racers. The website also states that they are porting some of their Commodore 64 games to WiiWare.


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Added: 26 Mar 2019
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From Then To Now

Added: 21 May 2013
Edge website is now at:



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