ZX Spectrum RF Modulator Removal and Composite Picture Enhancement


I wasn't happy with the picture quality of the RF output from the spectrum. So I decided to do the composite video mod. Rather than just disconnecting the +5v line and routing the video signal directly to the RF output. I decided to remove the modulator circuit entirely. I also found on this website, that it is possible get a cleaner video signal by adding a 10-16v 100uF capacitor in series with the video line. Here's the pictures I took when I modded my Spectrum 48k+ to do composite. 

De-soldered the modulator from the spectrum board:

Removed the modulator circuit from the metal shielding/casing:

Added the 10v 100uF capacitor to the video output (btw, it would appear that the higher the voltage capacitor you use, the softer the image becomes):

All soldered back on the the spectrum board:

Connected up ready for the initial test:

Works great and a much improved picture! I should of really took some before and after pictures:

The completed mod. Turbo loading from an mp3 player: