Unkatris - Impressive Tetris clone for 1K Sinclair ZX81

15th Sep 2014 12:00

The screenshot might not look like much but when you think how well Tetris actually plays and looks today you'll be pretty impressed to see that this is a Tetris clone on just a Sinclair 1k ZX81!

Developed by antoniovillena and using the original code of a ZX81, "Unkatris" has the same objective of manipulating shapes with the aim of creating a horizontal filled line of blocks without gaps. Not only is it great fun but it's seriously impressive how the developer has made it seem so Tetris and run incredibly well on such an old retro system.

See more at: http://www.indieretronews.com/2014/09/unkatris-impressive-tetris-clone-for.html#sthash.6A7jifCY.dpuf