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Nintendo10-Yard FightMSX19863V
Nintendo10-Yard FightNintendo NES1985I2
Nintendo1080 SnowboardingNintendo 641998I5
Nintendo1080 AvalancheNintendo GameCube2003I5V
NintendoAnimal CrossingNintendo GameCube2001I5
NintendoAnticipationNintendo NES1988I2
NintendoArkanoid: Doh it AgainNintendo SNES1997
NintendoBalloon FightNintendo NES1986I3
NintendoBanjo-KazooieNintendo 641998I5V
NintendoBarker Bill's Trick ShootingNintendo NES1990I2
NintendoBaseballNintendo NES1985I5
NintendoBaten Kaitos OriginsNintendo GameCube2006I
NintendoBattalion WarsNintendo GameCube2005I5
NintendoBattle ClashNintendo SNES1992
NintendoBionic Commando: Elite ForcesNintendo Game Boy Color2000I
NintendoChibi-Robo!Nintendo GameCube2005I
NintendoClu Clu LandNintendo NES1985I
NintendoCobra TriangleNintendo NES1989I2
NintendoCommand & ConquerNintendo 641999I5
NintendoCrystalisNintendo Game Boy Color2000I1
NintendoCubivore: Survival of the FittestNintendo GameCube2002I
NintendoCustom RoboNintendo 641999I
NintendoCustom RoboNintendo GameCube2004I
NintendoCustom Robo V2Nintendo 642000I
NintendoDance AerobicsNintendo NES1989I
NintendoDance Dance Revolution with MarioNintendo GameCube2005I
NintendoDiddy Kong RacingNintendo 641997I5V
NintendoDiddy Kong RacingNintendo 641997I
NintendoDisney's Magical Mirror Starring Mickey MouseNintendo GameCube2002
NintendoDisneys: Alice in WonderlandNintendo Game Boy Color2000I
NintendoDonald in Maui MallardNintendo SNES1996
NintendoDonkey KongNintendo NES1986I4
NintendoDonkey Kong 3Nintendo NES1986I2
NintendoDonkey Kong 64Nintendo 641999I5
NintendoDonkey Kong 64Nintendo 641999I
NintendoDonkey Kong ClassicsNintendo NES1988I2
NintendoDonkey Kong CountryNintendo Game Boy Color2000I
NintendoDonkey Kong CountryNintendo SNES1994
NintendoDonkey Kong Country 2: Diddy's Kong QuestNintendo SNES1995I5
NintendoDonkey Kong Country 3: Dixie Kong's Double Trouble!Nintendo SNES1996
NintendoDonkey Kong Country: Competition CartridgeNintendo SNES1994
NintendoDonkey Kong Jr.Nintendo NES1986I5
NintendoDonkey Kong Jr. MathNintendo NES1985I5
NintendoDonkey Kong Jungle BeatNintendo GameCube2004I
NintendoDonkey KongaNintendo GameCube2003I
NintendoDonkey Konga 2Nintendo GameCube2005I
NintendoDonkey Konga 3: Tabe-houdai! Haru Mogitate 50 KyokuNintendo GameCube2005I
NintendoDoshin the GiantNintendo GameCube2002I
NintendoDouble DragonNintendo Game Boy1990I5
NintendoDr. MarioNintendo NES1990I2

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