CPC-series Emulators

Below are the recommended emulators for the Amstrad CPC computers.

for PC (Windows)

Name: WinAPE
Latest Version: 2.0a18
Release Date: 26th July 2011
Author: Richard Wilson
Runs on: Windows
Emulates: CPC464,664,6128, 464+ and 6128+
Price: Freeware
Website: http://www.winape.net/
Email: rich AT bitwise-systems.com

Local Downloads:

(or go to the website above for latest version)



Feature Support
CPU Support Emulates entire CPC range of computers. Full Z80 support (incl. undocumented Z80 opcodes, breakpoints, stack dump, register modification and viewing of other registers), speed is excellent.
Video Supports all video config and settings for CPC-series and accurate CRTC emulation.
Audio Supports all audio config and settings for CPC-series. Full support for DMA sound emulation, including digitised sound effects - accurate speed control..
Keyboard Mapping Any key on the CPC can be mapped to any key on the PC
Disk Drives Full support for 664 and 6128 disk drives
Expansion Ports Full ASIC emulation.
Built-in Monitor ?
Debugger Yes, built-in complete Z80 debugger and disassembler
Disk File Extensions Supported


Also supports the reading of files inside compressed archives (ZIP, TAR, RAR, ZOO, ARC, CAB, ARJ, JAR, BH, GZ, Z, LHA, UUE)

Tape File Extensions Supported


Snapshot File Extensions Supported N/A