Timex Sinclair 1000 sales disappointing

ONE BLOT on the rosy scene of the Sinclair Research financial year was the disappointing performance of the Timex Sinclair 1000 in the U.S. Two factors seem to have affected sales badly, the raging personal computer price war which brought the selling price of the TS 1000 crashing to a derisory $39 and what some believe to have been a marketing error by Timex - the announcement of plans for an upgraded model, the TS 2000, long before it was ready to appear on the market.

In the intervening months, sales of the simpler TS 1000 fell sharply, taking sales of printers and software with them. A Californian distributor reported in August that people were buying one-third as much TS software as they bought for other computers.

Nevertheless, Sinclair Research is not too worried. "It affects us only insofar as royalty payments from Timex have dropped," says a Sinclair Research spokesman. "We are confident the appearance of the TS 1500 and the TS 2000 will help us regain lost ground."

A more handsomely-packaged version of the Spectrum, the TS 2000 is generally agreed to be a winner.

Since its inception in January, prices of other leading computers, such as the Commodore and the Atari, have fallen considerably, and it remains to be seen whether the TS 2000 selling price of $200 will prove competitive.