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ZX81 Utilities

Below are some useful utilities that can be used in converting files, playing back sound, etc.

Tape Loading

These utilities allow you to get programs off your old audio cassettes and into your computer, or vice-versa. Naturally, this will require a cassette player, a suitably configured sound card and cabling between the two.

Title Description Download
ZX81TAP Transfers actual ZX81 tape audio into .TAP or .SNA emulator format (depending upon your chosen emulator). This program is actually a Spectrum .SNA file. You load it into your emulator, run it, then use the emulator's audio-reading capability through the sound card to actually read in the ZX81 program from your cassette.
TSCon3.3 Reads in a ZX81 program played into your PC's sound and create a .P file
ZXTAPE Loadsd a .P file directly into your ZX81 via your PC's Centronics parallel port and the use of a simple 2-wire cable (PC's parallel port to ZX81's EAR socket).

File Conversion

These utilities convert program files or BASIC program listings from one file format into another.

Title Description Download
P-to-81 Converts a .P file into a .81 file, suitable for running in some ZX81 emulators
ZXText2P Converts a DOS text file (containing a BASIC listing) into a .P file, ready for loading into an emulator
P2Txt Converts a .P file to stdout as a listing. Usage example: p2txt myfile.p >mylisting.txt
ZX81List Converts a .P file to a text file. Usage example: ZX81list myfile.p mylisting.txt
ZXAS Converts a ZX81 assember listing into a text file. Usage example: ZXAS myasm.l outfile.txt
SpecPrint Allows you to view and/or print BASIC listings from the ZX Spectrum (And since version ZX81). Simply save a snapshot from your favourite emulator and load it into SpecPrint. SpecPrint retains all attributes contained in the listing including foreground colour, background colour, bright, flashing[1], inverse etc. It also uses a font similar to the original machine containing all the block characters and grey blocks of the ZX81.